Under the umbrella of CDT, the Developmental Therapeutics Core (DTC) provides an operational laboratory that supports translational projects. The facility fulfills the needs of Northwestern’s research and the outside community for exploratory drug development work. CDT/DTC staff have >80 years of cumulative drug development expertise. The DTC assists with animal model selection, performs cell and target based experiments, assists with drug pre-formulation and stability prior to testing in animals, performs analytical method development for pharmacodynamics (including biomarker discovery and validation), pharmacokinetics (for biologics) and conducts exploratory non-GLP compliant PK and toxicology.

Facility personnel provide consultation on experimental design, perform studies and generate reports. The DTC provides the NCI60 panel for NU investigators and has >170 tumor cell lines in its repository, which are currently going through the certification process. The DTC routinely runs SC and orthotopic xenograft tumor growth models, experimental and orthtotopic xenograft tumor dissemination models, syngeneic models of growth and metastasis, and transgenic tumor models. The DTC is also developing new patient-derived xenografts in collaboration with the Pathology Core Facility (PCF), the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute (NBTI), and various clinical investigators. Long term animal housing is available at Northwestern’s Center for Comparative Medicine Pancoe Vivarium, which is next door to the new Silverman building.